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We are a small, family-run business of qualified accountants and bookkeepers, helping other businesses just like ours.

Specialists in accounting and bookkeeping services for sole traders and small to medium sized organisations, we are more than just accountants and bookkeepers; our goal is to help your business thrive. Treat us as your friend who happens to know accounting - with us statutory accounts, corporation tax and other obligations are hassle-free and worrying seems like a distant past.

We aim to save you time and money therefore apart from offering traditional accounting services across Birmingham and Solihull area, we specialise in cloud accounting (read more), giving our clients instant access to their books wherever they are and allowing them to run their business on the go. Our clientele is located all across the UK thanks to benefits of cloud technology. We also provide Skype consultations and have systems i

Why Choose Us As Your Accountants?

We know there are plenty of other accountants out there and it might be confusing for clients to know who to choose. However, if you're here, you need to look no further!

Believing that accounting shouldn’t cost a fortune, we offer great value for money. Why don’t you see for yourself
Our services are personalised to your needs so you can be sure you are never overpaying and get everything you require. 
Does your accountant send you updates on topics relevant to your business? What about alerts when your debtors’ balances get too high or inventory levels too low? There are plenty of ways we can assist you with running your business, not only the standard accounting tasks. 
Seeing an accountant once a year leaves business owners with plenty of unanswered questions. They don’t feel they get support they need. 
It’s hard to make educated decisions without consulting your accountant beforehand.
All of our clients, no matter how big or small, get unlimited advice all year round. They simply get in touch whenever they need to.
It is common among accounting practices to have several different employees dealing with your affairs. This very often leads to errors due to lack of communication and responsibility.  The client-accountant relationship is poor since every time you make a contact, you deal with somebody else. 
With us you can enjoy benefits of having your own dedicated accountant who gets to know you and your business and as a result is able to offer better advice. 
Ever been hit with a huge bill? Not with us! With fixed fees, you always know how much you’ll pay. 
No nasty surprises. 

We are not only a firm of accountants. Apart from financial and management accounting, we also do bookkeeping and operate payroll bureau. It saves you having to deal with three different firms – less time spent in meetings or on travelling, just one bill to pay and your information held by one business, not exchanged between three of them.  Some accountants charge more for bookkeeping or PAYE – not us. All our services are at competitive prices. Don’t take our word for it, request free, non-obligatory quote and see for yourself. 

We are friendly and approachable; our goal is to help our clients grow. 
Feel free to ask us anything. As a small, family-run business we understand needs and challenges that small businesses are facing better than big corporations. 
Another way we stand out from high-street accountancy firms is that you can contact us at any time, we don’t “assign” an hourly consultation once a year, our clients get in touch whenever they need to, we’re here for them. What’s more, we realise business owners work during the day, therefore we are flexible and open to holding meetings and consultations in the evenings and at the weekends.

A lot of people believe time is money, we allow you to save both. In the age of cloud accounting, time savings have never been greater. With phone and Skype consultations in place, there is no need for you to leave the office. The paperwork can be scanned and e-mailed or posted to us at our expense – another great convenience. 

The biggest advantage, however, is offering our services via cloud. This means the real-time information is accessible to both the accountant and the business owner on any device at any time – discussing issues and giving advice have never been easier. Cloud accounting allows significant time and money savings and offers great convenience. Automated features reduce time spent on manual tasks – bank feeds, expense categorisation, automatic reconciliation of bank statements to name just a few. You can perform a variety of tasks on the go such as invoicing, purchasing, quoting and many others and check anything you need wherever you are – what’s your current profit, cash flow, tax liability, debtors’ balances and many more. Stuck in a queue? Why don’t you invoice your clients? Less to do when you get back to the office! 
We work mainly on QuickBooks and Xero and can help you switch to those packages, but we offer full flexibility when it comes to the software choice and can accommodate other packages to suit your needs and budget.
You can read more about cloud accounting and its benefits here or why don’t you contact us to find out how it can advantage your business?
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