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Employing staff comes with a great deal of responsibilities - to your employees and to the government. Outsource your payroll and put your mind at ease. We promise, it will cost you less than having a payroll officer in-house.

All you have to do is submit timesheets and our payroll bureau will deal with the rest – payments and deductions, RTI Submissions, payslips production and distribution, year end reporting, processing starters and leavers and all other payroll tasks. 

Incorrect wages reduce employee satisfaction and productivity – your staff and their families rely on the salaries you pay to live on. Paying correct amounts is not only your responsibility but also simply being fair. What is more, you as an employer are responsible for deducting correct amounts of tax, NI and pension contributions, therefore it is important to choose a payroll services provider who can guarantee accuracy. You can rely on us – our work is free from errors and we take security of your data seriously. Employees’ personal information we hold is well-protected. 

Our payroll bureau can accommodate all pay frequencies: monthly, weekly, 2-weekly, 4-weekly, quarterly, bi-annually and annually.

We can provide a variety of customised reports, so you know exactly what your staff costs are, how many sick days your employees are taking, how well they perform and other useful information. This can be integrated with other management reporting to give you a full picture of profitability and performance of different areas of your business. 

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